Wednesday, 16 March 2011

150 times thanks to be born

Today She is 150, today we have to be united to celebrate Her. 150 years ago in Rome the Italy, as a united state was born, and never before has deserved attention. Different things are happening in Italy. We are living in a period of transformation unable to be completed cause of a bunch of politicians who don't want to admit that their time, the politic's one, is passed away.

In front of one of the most beautiful and historical countries of the world we have to understand where are our roots and who was able to do such a incredible fact: the unification.
Today Northerners are trying to separate the country as the history and the culture of one indissoluble country has never existed. Today we have to stand up, look at what our ancestor did, and being able to find the same courage, to feel what the felt, believe in what they believed, to do what they did. Everything, to prevent this anachronistic aim. Today we have to be one body, one brain, one thought.

150 years ago a baby was born. She was the daughter of the biggest empire ever exited. The daughter of the most intense and highest level of knowledge such as the Renaissance, with its immortal painter and genius (i.e. Leonardo, Michelangelo, Donatello, Raffaello, Piero della Francesca and so on). She was and she is the daughter of poets, saint and navigators. She is our daughter and we have to give her the best gifts: Freedom and Democracy.

Friday, 11 March 2011

Carpe diem (seize the day)

Carpe Diem guys. We just have one shot, we must use it. Sometimes life goes by so fast but we have always to remember the reason that brought us where we are now. Being focused on the target, don't forget it, don't try to forget it, or you will be thinking about it for the rest of your life; and it will be forever down there, in the deepest part of you soul. Unrealized.
"Seize the day, make your life extraordinary."

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

The end of winter???

Two days in a row with sun, no clouds, but still a cold wind. Today really seems the prelude of spring. It takes a bit to start the day with a smile. You wake up and what you see it's not the normal grey sky, but a shining and colorful light blue. You feel much more happier.
London with the sun is incredible, everything changes and the sunlight can make you see what usually is hidden. Walking down the street you can feel how people's mood has changed just because of a bit of light and everyone is nicer and kinder.
All this makes me think about how the weather is important for our body and our cells. It's easier to be optimistic with such a weather like this, that's why i hope it keeps on going.

Sunday, 6 March 2011

From Caesar to Berlusconi....WTF?????

Berlusconi. Maybe just this name could be enough to explain the situation that we are living in Italy.

A man who rules every media and uses them to control the opinion of the citizens. Something that even in the worst African countries would never happen. Now, unfortunately for him, the problem is another one, and its name is Ruby, the young belly dancer/escort who had sex with him, and for this reason, the sex one's, now the Italian Prime Minister is facing a trial starting in April in Milan. After a scandal like that is an ethical and moral thing resigning and trying to seem as guilty as you can to show to the world that you are a normal person in front of the law. But we are in Italy and not only the PM is still there accusing everyone and everything even in front of overwhelming evidences, but also he is trying, via his channels and newspapers, to lobotomize people giving them a completely different version of the truth.
Everywhere in the world we can see PM, Minister, Members of the parliament resign for a copied university thesis or for making a gaffe about an important situation. Italy is a beautiful country instead: you can be the best one and worship as a God just not paying the taxes and making laws to support your business. Easy like peeling a banana.

Wednesday, 2 March 2011


Back to winter, back to London. I never thought it could be so strangely sad coming back after my break in Italy (a photo of Verona below). It was fun, a lot, and i perfectly knew that it wouldn't last forever but something in the deepest part of my soul, once in the airplane, started to hurt. I can't say what it was and why it was making me feel so bad watching the sunset from a little window but it was there. Unexplainable. And I'm not saying I felt bad to start my life again here in London, but the awareness that a big part of my life is still there made me feel and make me feel naked in front of the life's bullets. Defenseless.
During these days I appreciate more than ever my parents and my friends and the love that in different ways they always give to me.
I know that only if you are strong and tough you can realize your dreams but sometimes it seems so difficult to pursue something that is much more similar to a utopia than a concrete target. And I wonder if everything has a real aim or it's just a stupid thing, that maybe is made more important by the world surrounding us.
I don't know what to think and say cause everything in me it always asking me why I am doing that, and this feeling that now I feel in me is, and I know that it is, a part of these incredible set of question that are trying to divert me from my goal.
I don't know what to think and say but I just know I miss a lot my Italian life.

Sunday, 27 February 2011

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Is "the secret" so easy?

During these days thanks to a suggestion of a friend of mine, I decided to start to read an amazing book: "The Secret". This book, written by Byrne Rhonda, deals with the most important and incredible knowledge of the world that is enclosed in a thing that we can commonly say: the positive thought. Basically everything on this earth is connected and the only way to achieve our dreams and goals is to focus our thoughts every day on what are the most important things in our life.
It took me half book to understand that I’ve already read and heard before this thing, just in a different “tune”. In my reading through the NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Program), similar things, such as the understanding skills of the universe or our subconscious, are reported and involuntarily I was pushed to a moment of reflection, nothing compare to the Siddhartha’s one, that made me understand how easy is the universe and everything surrounding us. But also as usual men have to complicate everything as it is impossible for them to understand the easy way.
“Everything is together”, “if you want something you can get it”. Quotes like these one are the explanation of the fortune of lot and lot of people able to realize their dreams. But for me, unable to believe in something that is unseen, is a really hard task to comprehend this “parallel universe”. We are taught to believe just in what you can prove and see, except for the “God” of course, so it is really difficult to swap such a big point of view and start again as a new ground zero.
During these days I want to start this new philosophy and see what kind of importance it will have in my life hoping for the best. Never be sad or frustrated, change your thoughts and your life will change as well, in better of course.